Olive mauve is a sophisticated chic contemporary wholesale clothing brand located in Los Angeles.

For the brand's new line, our vision is to be current and trendy but create unique silhouettes for a day into night looks, supported by immaculate fit and luxe materials and fabrics

OLIVE MAUVE drives confidence carries natural femininity into high trend our clients seek in their daily lives.

We will constantly be updating new styles.

OLIVE MAUVE specializes in product development and private labeling to help you meet your style and standards.

OLIVE MAUVE values honesty and will dedicate our efforts fully into building great relationships with you.
We are ready to work towards your satisfaction, looking forward to creating great synergies with you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

EMAIL: olivemauve@olivemauve.com
PHONE:  1(213)760-1100

ADDRESS: 747 E 10th St
                    Los Angeles  CA  90021